An exercise for correct bounce when walking

  1. Step slightly forward with one foot. Stand completely relaxed and distribute the weight of your body evenly across the sole of your back foot.
  2. Feel the contact of the ball of your foot with the ground. Your foot isn’t passive so that you just balance on it — it actively carries you.
  3. Start lightly bouncing off the toes of your back foot. Don’t lift it into the air — just start the movement and let the force of your toes move your torso forward. Then, slowly come back down onto the entire foot.
  4. Keep in mind that the movement really comes only from your toes. We often have the tendency to make forward movement with our entire torso. It should be loose and stable, but not active in the sense that your torso leads the movement forward.
  5. Make sure your pelvis remains stable as you move. In the last part of the challenge, we explained how to do this.
  6. As soon as you feel confident, increase the intensity of your movement slowly and steadily.
  7. Repeat the exercise several times on both of your feet.

Great work! You’re ready to move onto the third part of our challenge.